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The Authority Guide to Writing & Implementing a Marketing Plan™


It has been said before that ‘Marketing is EVERYTHING’! In the world of business this certainly rings true when it comes to intentional business success. As you likely realise, you would likely have to search far and wide to find a dominant brand or business anywhere, without an accompanying marketing success story. As we say: ‘win the battle in marketing, and you’ll win the war in business’.

Having trained literally thousands of small to medium businesses around the world on how to write a marketing plan, how to be smarter with your marketing strategy and how to correctly approach digital marketing, we know the challenges you face. With this vast experience we literally ‘wrote the book on it’, published in 2017 by Sue Richardson Publishing in the UK.

With their incredible help we even managed to cut our 80,000 words to the 18,000 required to make this short guide book to writing and implementing a marketing plan! The Authority Guide series was created to help small to medium businesses grow and operate more successfully, by bringing the key experts in their field to share their vast knowledge in a written form.

If you lack the time or resources to complete one of our great courses listed on this website, we strongly recommend you invest the time and £10 into yourself by simply buying this amazing book through Amazon in the UK:




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exceptional, highly interactive and affordable marketing training for SMEs worldwide.

“For over a decade Jo and Ambrose Blowfield have provided exceptional, highly interactive and affordable marketing training for SMEs worldwide. They have added value to innumerable businesses.”

Arun Chaudhari
/ CEO, Taranaki Chamber of Commerce

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