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12-week Strategic marketing Training

Strategic Marketing Programme™

Take your marketing knowledge beyond simply tactical and operational marketing and more into the long term. Tactical marketing usually focuses on monthly, quarterly and yearly actions. Strategic Marketing should focus on the medium term, I.E. 3-5 years ahead. Few marketers ever learn about this important aspect of marketing. This 12-week flexible programme (1 topic per week, although you can jump ahead) will guide you through what you need to know to better use Strategic Marketing in your role.


Who should attend?

Marketing Managers, marketing coordinators and marketing assistants in small to medium businesses.


Course Outcomes

  • Walk away with a deeper understand of what’s involved in Strategic Marketing
  • Understand how strategic Marketing fits with the overall business strategy
  • Learn how Strategic Marketing can influence day to day marketing tactics
  • Know how to implement each key element of Strategic Marketing into your business


You’ll learn to:

  • Use world-class models to assess your business’ positioning
  • Set your goals and objectives from a more strategic perspective
  • Develop a long-term vision based on marketing strategy, not tactics
  • Identify which products you should keep and which to drop
  • Identify, assess and analyse your target market and segments
  • Apply the 4Ps and 4Cs to your business


  • Evolve your pricing and positioning strategy
  • Map your business growth through the product life cycle
  • Analyse your business’s vulnerability to external factors


What our clients say...

highest rating of any company

“The Marketing Company achieved the highest rating of any company I have used in 14 years.”

Don Stockwell
/ South Taranaki District Council

The knowledge gained will have a big impact on the next 3-5 years

“Any business owner and anyone in marketing should attend this course! I found this course incredibly useful to challenge my thinking and paradigm on marketing and how it affects all areas of the business and the direction of the business as a whole. The knowledge gained will have a big impact on the next 3-5 years and help us become more marketing driven like the successful companies we strive to be like.”

Alicia Whiley
/ Havwoods, UK

One of the best investments we have made

“One of the best investments we have made. It answers the many questions we have venturing into this new area of marketing, and I can recommend it to any business owner wanting clear direction what we need to do and how to go about it.”

Angus Walker
/ Maple Leaf, UK

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