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12-week Marketing Training

Intensive Marketing Accelerator Programme

This 12-week fantastic and flexible programme (1 topic per week, although you can jump ahead) will lead you through all the main components you need to know to perform well in a marketing role. We will guide you week-by-week through different aspects of the huge world of marketing so you walk away with more confidence and ability to contribute to a role in marketing ongoing.

Who should attend?

People who are looking to enter a marketing role in business or people who are new to marketing.


Course Outcomes

  • Walk away with a broad understanding of marketing, and how the main components fit together
  • Understand the importance of your Marketing Proposition and how it impacts marketing tactics
  • Understand the pros and cons of digital marketing, social media and traditional marketing communication tactics


You’ll learn:



  • The importance and impact of the marketing department
  • How marketing fits with the overall business
  • The main digital marketing options to use to succeed online



  • The pros and cons of different social media channels
  • How to use branding, printing and direct marketing as tactics
  • How public relations and advertising work



  • How the sales department can compliment marketing
  • Why your target market and marketing positioning matters
  • How to complete a SWOT Analysis from a marketing perspective



  • What your competitive advantage and USP actually mean
  • How to use a simple competitor analysis process
  • How the 4 Cs have replaced the 4 Ps in marketing


Intensive Marketing Accelerator Programme

What our clients say


“The Marketing Company’s ability to create and present their training courses is exceptional.”

Liane Anderson
/ Taranaki Chamber of Commerce, New Zealand

“I really enjoyed the Intensive Marketing Accelerator as it covers all aspects of marketing which
gives you a clearer picture of how it all fits together. It has helped me become more confident as
well as competent in a marketing role, while also understanding how marketing impacts other
areas of the business. The course allows you to learn about a wide range of  marketing aspects in
just 12 weeks which is fantastic. Thanks to Ambrose and the team, highly recommended.”

Brittany Light,
/ OLG Office,  Sydney

“The Marketing Company achieved the highest rating of any company I have used in 14 years.”

Don Stockwell
/ South Taranaki District Council

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